Lady Nine plus Five

With versatile front woman, Nina Reiter, Lady Nina Plus Five uses the voice as an integral part of the horn section as well as storyteller. Lead singer Nina Reiter aims to put the well-known ideas made famous by the Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley recordings into the context of an open minded modern straight ahead jazz.

Martin Gasser on the alto saxophone, one of the leading austrian saxophone players of his generation, and Richard Köster with his lyrical stylings on the trumpet complete the front line.

Responsible for the drive and a talented nucleus itself, the rhythm section revolves around Stephan Plecher on piano. Together with Benjamin Zalud on bass and Peter Primus Frosch on drums, they form an award-winning piano trio, that consistently inspires the soloists and elevates the music to a higher level.

Lady Nine Plus Five is far more than a singer plus five instrumentalists. Combining the spirit of the 60’s hard bop era with contemporary influences and ideas, this unique young band promises an experience like no other.