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Nina Reiter voc. | Stephan Plecher p. | Benjamin Zalud b. | Peter Primus Frosch dr.                          special guest: Toni Bechtold ts.

City Of Orgies (N. Reiter | Walt Whitman), The Nightmare Suite (N. Reiter), Dear Old Stockholm (Traditional | N. Reiter), Moving On (N. Reiter), I Mean You (Thelonious Monk), Il Girondolone          (Mani Planzer | N. Reiter), Night In Tunisia (Jon Dizzy Gillespie | Jon Hendricks, Frank Paparelli)

UNIT Records, UTR 4670

Mit Nina Reiter taucht eine Jazzkünstlerin auf, die einen sehr persönlichen Weg einzuschlagen verspricht: Erzählerisch und eigenwillig, poetisch und aufwühlend, ja verstörend zugleich, zeitgenössisch und dennoch verwurzelt in der Tradition des Jazz- und sogar Scatgesanges, was Mut und Können erfordert. Eine Sängerin, die auch als Komponistin und Textautorin viel zu sagen hat und hörbar mit jenem Handwerkszeug ausgestattet ist, das es ihr ermöglicht, ihre Ideen und Visionen auch umzusetzen. Ein Versprechen für die Zukunft!

Christian Muthspiel, December 2015

„With her debut album, Nina Reiter chose the difficult task of telling her own personal stories through her own strong and determined poetry combined with creative musical settings that are sometimes reminiscent of well known jazz standards. Nina takes care to craft her original ideas into thoughtful arrangements that are technically and artistically mature and very professional. The substantial part of the album that is original makes her music incredibly interesting and appealing. Nina’s voice is not only beautiful and clear, but flexible and adventurous. Nina shows off her more expressive and sometimes aggressive side especially in the “Nightmare-Suite”. Throughout the entire album, whether it is heard in the voice or the instrumental lines, one can hear that the poetry is at the heart of Nina’s writing. I especially enjoy her vocals together with the saxophone. They sound rich and beautiful! All this makes her debut album „Night, Sleep, Death and the Stars “ an exciting journey and a complete joy to listen to. It is a must buy album!”

Fay Claassen, November 2015

„Nina’s debut recording is a nice example of a young, talented and determined musician, vocalist and composer. I can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.“

Jure Pukl, October 2015

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