Phraim - Tides

Nina Reiter voc. | Stephan Plecher p. | Marc Mezgolits b. | Peter Primus Frosch dr.

1) And still I rise (P. P. Frosch | M. Mezgolits | S. Plecher | N. Reiter)
2) First you come for me, then you run from it (M. Mezgolits)
3) Minuit – Praeludium (S. Plecher)
4) Minuit (S. Plecher | N. Reiter)
5) Let me die here (M. Mezgolits)
6) I (M. Mezgolits)
7) A single rose (M. Mezgolits)
8) II (P. P. Frosch)
9) Marionette (P. P. Frosch | N. Reiter)
10) III (N. Reiter | C. Rossetti)
11) Twist me a crown of windflowers (N. Reiter | C. Rossetti)
12) Sweet nothings (M. Mezgolits)
13) IV (S. Plecher)
14) Sleep paralysis (N. Reiter)

QFTF Records, QFTF/176

Out on May 29th 2020

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