Phraim was founded by singer Nina Reiter, pianist Stephan Plecher, bassist Marc Mezgolits and drummer Peter Primus Frosch in the fall of 2016. The band’s first album /fɹeɪm/ was released on QFTF Records in February 2019.

“Tides”, in German: “Gezeiten” or “Ebbe und Flut”, is the title of the second album by the band Phraim, which is committed to a modern jazz sound. The quartet works on its music as a collective, which is made possible by years of cooperation and mutual trust. The result is a strikingly different, varied program full of ups and downs, gripping grooves and atmospheric improvisation, self-confident interplay and fragile interludes. There are no contradictions of the band’s sound, it is homogeneous. Maybe the title can be interpreted as a metaphor for the band: as with ebb and flow, different waves with different speeds, heights and energies arise, which together create a musical ocean that is as diverse as it is profound.

“Tides” is not a typical album: It was created as part of a live concert in the studio, which was attended by an invited audience. The program was run through once – without any interruptions or without cuts. The listener has to decide for himself whether the end result makes a difference, but it cannot be denied that the energy of the audience can be felt.

“Tides” will be released in spring 2020 and is definitely a release that should not be missed – it is a further development of the style that the ensemble has already researched and developed on their first self-titled album and testifies to a self-confident, young band that does not shy away from exploring contrasts and going their own way, regardless of musical trends.