Estill Voice Training

Jo Estill, world-renowned educator, researcher, and singer, developed the Estill Voice Training System™. Her inquisitive nature and the question “How am I doing this?” inspired her to dedicate her life to voice research and teaching.

To learn more about Estill Voice Training, visit: https://www.estillvoice.com/

As an Estill Master Trainer (EMT) I’m able to offer individual solutions to your voice problems. Whether you want to learn more about vocal anatomy, expand your vocal range or gain new vocal colors. There is no cultural nor aesthetic bias in Estill Voice Training, but there is a bias for vocal health! All genres are welcome, I’m also happy to work with you on your speaking voice.


  • Vocal Technique for jazz and popular styles (Estill Voice Training)

  • body posture

  • stage presence

  • eartraining

  • theory

  • vocal improvisation

  • songwriting

  • working with lyrics

  • preliminary for auditions.


Teaching facility in Kriens equipped with piano and PA.